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We teach a variety of line dances both old and new and the occasional partnership dance

At 7.00

- Beginners line You do not need a partner and assumed no knowledge of line

At 8.10

- Two dances are taught over a two or three week period - New beginners and some revision of line dances taught since 1993!

At 9.15

- Taught over three or four weeks. This is when we teach high beginners and improvers dances(often tricky)

Partnership dances are being rewritten as non gender, equal partner scripts


A-Z List Videos


Stay Home -- Senorita La-La-La -- My Boy Lollipop -- Midland Mini Cha -- Who Needs Mexico -- Dance Monkey -- Love Is Still The Same -- In Love With A Rodeo Man -- We're From The Country NZ -- Brady of Strabane --



Pass Me A Beer -- I Love This Town -- Cajun Moon -- Tennessee Waltz Surprise -- Cowboy Strut -- Between The Lies -- Mad 4 It -- EMS -- College Hustle -- Babe --

General Class

Cabo Moon -- Mexi-Fest -- Mad For It -- Blinding Lights -- Halfway -- Green Snakes -- Single Man EZ -- Little Chapel -- Educated Man --



Cowboy Cha Cha -- Champagne Promise -- Home Again -- Ticket to the Blues -- Sexy baby -- Intoxicating -- Open Book -- Come dance With Me -- Scotia Samba -- These Old Boots -- Imelda's Way -- Midnight Waltz -- Magic Moon -- Everybodys Here -- Tush Push -- Texas Time AB -- Houston Slide -- Stand By My Woman Man -- An Absolute Dream -- Urban Living -- Dirty Underwear-- Duchess Hustle-- Rhythm in Line -- Things-- Lemon Tree-- Boom-- Mexican Cantina-- Cowgirls' Twist-- Shania's Moment-- First Sway-- Long Shot-- I Love this Town--

General Class

Heart Body and Soul -- When You Smile -- World For Two -- Open Book -- Hey Mr Lonely -- Nothing But You -- Back to Life -- Memphis Love (Revision) -- Down To The Honkytonk -- Bonapart's Retreat -- Weak At The Knees -- Sexy baby -- Love Flow -- Keep It Simple -- Lucky Stars -- I Am Giant AB -- Shaky -- Brand New Man -- Miss Congeniality -- Give Me A Ring Sometime -- Feelin' Good -- Watermelon Crawl (Classic Revision) -- Waves of Love -- Little Miss Hayley Jo -- Codigo-- The Wolf-- Thank You-- The Queen-- Big Coconuts-- Short Fall-- Wonderland Waltz(Revision)-- My Maria--


Top of the World-- Whiskey Bridges-- This & That-- Walk on Bye(Classic Revision)-- Rolling Home-- Stepping Over Rainbows AB (Beginners)-- Thunderbolt(Classic Revision)-- La Culpa-- Hotshot-- Peace Train(Classic Revision)-- Mamma Mia Why Me-- Jack I'm Mellow-- Walk The Line(Classic Revision)-- Country As Can Be (Beginners)-- California Dreamin (Beginners)-- Half a Cha-- Hey You-- Stumbling In-- Adventure 45-- The Drifter-- Highway Honky Tonk-- I Close My Eyes-- Down On Your Uppers-- Havana Cha-- Imitation Love(Beginners)-- Eat, Sleep, Love, Repeat-- Life Changes-- Yesterday's Tomorrow-- Things-- Sherry Baby (Beginners)--


Rose from the Sea-- Everybody's Here-- Mexican Cantina-- Spirit in the Sky-- Save Me Tonight-- Completely (Revision)-- Cotton Eyed Joe (Partnership Dance)-- J and T (Partnership Dance)-- Flame of Love (Beginners)-- September in the Rain (Beginners)-- I'm In Trouble-- Lonely Drum-- Sweetheart Cha Cha (Partnership Dance)-- King Samba-- Twisting-- Get Good-- Stop Staring At My Eyes!-- New Country Cha-- Bored-- Fenua Maohi E (Revision)-- Do You Remember-- Champagne Promise-- 6345789-- 1000 Years (or More)-- Love's Calling-- Dreams of Martina-- The Last Cheaters Waltz-- Ain't Goin' Down-- Let it Swing-- Dizzy-- Angels AB-- Missing-- Inspiration-- Left in the Dark-- Jitterbug-- Midler's Way--


Honky Tonk Twist-- An Evening in Roma-- Shouldn't be this Hard-- Doesn't Take Much-- The Long Way Home-- A Little Love Trip-- After the Storm-- Back to Basics-- New Shoes-- Dance with Wolves-- Gypsy Queen-- An Absolute Dream-- Cry Cry Cry-- Do it in Heels-- Islands in the Stream (Revision)-- Bring on the Good Times-- A Little Mellow Yellow-- Cajun Moon (Revision)-- Lay Low-- Ring on your Finger-- Text Me Texas-- Tin Man-- Thinkin' Country-- Hinges-- On The Town (Revision)-- Big Blue Tree-- Mini Mariana-- Ah Si!-- Crazy Foot Mambo (revision)-- A Kind of Hush-- My First Love is You-- We Only Live Once-- On The Waves--


Christmasdance-- Peligrosa-- Please Yourself-- All Over Again-- Diamond-- Mamma Maria-- Falling Rain-- Wild Angel-- Meat and Potato Man-- Heavenly Cha-- Until The Dawn-- Blue Gemini-- Crash and Burn-- Tell The World-- The Galway Gathering-- Ticket to the Blues-- All That's Left-- All About a Woman-- The Rodeo Clown-- South Australia-- Hush Hush-- Litte Lady Bug-- Sisters-- Tahoe Kick (revision)-- New Shade of Blue-- Memphis Love-- Anytime (revision)-- Triple Mix-- Lemon Tree-- Walking on Air (revision)-- Cecilia-- Love is a Miracle -- Till I was Loved by You-- Go West a Little --


Sea Cruise-- Dancing in the Dark -- Alcazar-- Piano man-- Come Dance with Me-- Blue Birds-- Such a Fool-- Raggle Taggle Gipsy O-- Love Like Mine-- Funky Strut-- My Guy-- Just Add Moonlight-- Imelda's Way-- Mona Lisa-- Aleman Caballero-- Alibi-- Fall in Love-- Something in the Air-- Little Zou Bisou-- This is Me-- I Walk Alone


Got My Baby Back-A Beautiful Noise - Mexi-Fest - EZ Walk like Rihanna - Jo 'N Jo Tango - Completely - Stoned - Back to The Wild Side - Second Chances - Dance With me Baby - Break my mind - Wonderland waltz - Runaway Train - The Belle of Liverpool - Is it Friday yet -Yodel A e Tee - Honey Pie - Bye Bye Mambo

Dance steps and how we call them

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Recent Revision

:- Partner Cha Cha -16 Step - The World - Horseshoe -Boyfriend of the Year - Before the Devil -Loose Boots :Crusin' - Walk on Bye -Telepathy - Bobbi with an i - Close Encounters - Ja Du Boogie -Thunderbolt - Step Back- Little Squirt - Rose Garden - Just For Grins - Cajun Mambo Walk -Thunderfoot - SBS - Line Dance Cha Cha - Shania's Moments - Snake Pit -Trashy Women - Vertical Expressions - Vancouver Boogie - One Step Forward - Le Doux Shuffle - Tush Push - Midnight Waltz - Pot of Gold - Coastin' -Tahoe Kick - Honky Tonk Stomp - Jose Cuervo - Long Shot - Slap Leather - Mad for it - Sidekick - Walk On Bye - J&T - Walk the Line - Cajun Moon - Stroll Along Cha Cha - Oil Can Slide - Cowgirls' Twist - Snakepit - MLD - Reggae Cowboy - Dizzy - No Way Jose -13 MWZ - County Line - One Step Forward - Ridin' - Chicago Cha Cha - Fais Do Do - Bright Side of the Road - Jamaica Mistaka - Jazzie Joe's -Ballymore Boys- God Bless Texas - Little Squirt - Por Ti Sere - Swing City Jive - Pizziricco -Viva las Vegas - The Lion Sleeps - Magic Moon - Cowgirls' Twist

Dances 2012

Simplemente - Disappearing Tail Lights - Whisper Your Name- Half Past Nothin' - Blue Night Cha - Da Dance Light - Rock, Paper, Scissors, - Ashes of Love - Love You in a Barrel - London Rhythm Swings -Walking On Air - What if We Fly - Pop The Question - Felling Kinda Lonely - Caballero - Have You Ever Seen The Rain - Something in the Water - Jealousy - Bobbi with an I

Dances 2011

La Luna (November) - Telepathy (October) - Quarter After One (Sept) - Chicken Walk Jive (August) -Beyond Your Eyes (July)- Get Up Dance and Inspiration (June) - Sleeping Child (May) - Georgia Winder (April) - Burlesque (March/April)- Calypso Mexico(March) -Big Jimmy (February)

Dances 2010

Casanova Cowboy - SBS - Loiusiana Swing -Toes - J Ho - Cabo san Lucas -Sister Kate - - Boyfriend of the Year - D.H.S.S - Action - Cool Chick -Step Back -All the Lovers - Rhythm of Life -Handyman - Gleehab -Tennessee Waltz Surprise - Boogie Woogie - Sharp Dressed Man