the cactus club

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We teach a variety of line dances both old and new and the occasional partnership dance

At 7.00

- Beginners line You do not need a partner and assumed no knowledge of line

At 8.10

- Two dances are taught over a two or three week period - New beginners and some revision of line dances taught since 1993!

At 9.15

- Taught over three or four weeks. This is when we teach high beginners and improvers dances(often tricky)

Partnership dances are being rewritten as non gender, equal partner scripts




Texas Time AB -- Houston Slide -- Stand By My Woman Man -- An Absolute Dream -- Urban Living -- Dirty Underwear-- Duchess Hustle-- Rhythm in Line -- Things-- Lemon Tree-- Boom-- Mexican Cantina-- Cowgirls' Twist-- Shania's Moment-- First Sway-- Long Shot-- I Love this Town--

General Class

Brand New Man -- Miss Congeniality -- Give Me A Ring Sometime -- Feelin' Good -- Watermelon Crawl (Classic Revision) -- Waves of Love -- Little Miss Hayley Jo -- Codigo-- The Wolf-- Thank You-- The Queen-- Big Coconuts-- Short Fall-- Wonderland Waltz(Revision)-- My Maria--


Top of the World-- Whiskey Bridges-- This & That-- Walk on Bye(Classic Revision)-- Rolling Home-- Stepping Over Rainbows AB (Beginners)-- Thunderbolt(Classic Revision)-- La Culpa-- Hotshot-- Peace Train(Classic Revision)-- Mamma Mia Why Me-- Jack I'm Mellow-- Walk The Line(Classic Revision)-- Country As Can Be (Beginners)-- California Dreamin (Beginners)-- Half a Cha-- Hey You-- Stumbling In-- Adventure 45-- The Drifter-- Highway Honky Tonk-- I Close My Eyes-- Down On Your Uppers-- Havana Cha-- Imitation Love(Beginners)-- Eat, Sleep, Love, Repeat-- Life Changes-- Yesterday's Tomorrow-- Things-- Sherry Baby (Beginners)--


Rose from the Sea-- Everybody's Here-- Mexican Cantina-- Spirit in the Sky-- Save Me Tonight-- Completely (Revision)-- Cotton Eyed Joe (Partnership Dance)-- J and T (Partnership Dance)-- Flame of Love (Beginners)-- September in the Rain (Beginners)-- I'm In Trouble-- Lonely Drum-- Sweetheart Cha Cha (Partnership Dance)-- King Samba-- Twisting-- Get Good-- Stop Staring At My Eyes!-- New Country Cha-- Bored-- Fenua Maohi E (Revision)-- Do You Remember-- Champagne Promise-- 6345789-- 1000 Years (or More)-- Love's Calling-- Dreams of Martina-- The Last Cheaters Waltz-- Ain't Goin' Down-- Let it Swing-- Dizzy-- Angels AB-- Missing-- Inspiration-- Left in the Dark-- Jitterbug-- Midler's Way--

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Recent Revision

:- Partner Cha Cha -16 Step - The World - Horseshoe -Boyfriend of the Year - Before the Devil -Loose Boots :Crusin' - Walk on Bye -Telepathy - Bobbi with an i - Close Encounters - Ja Du Boogie -Thunderbolt - Step Back- Little Squirt - Rose Garden - Just For Grins - Cajun Mambo Walk -Thunderfoot - SBS - Line Dance Cha Cha - Shania's Moments - Snake Pit -Trashy Women - Vertical Expressions - Vancouver Boogie - One Step Forward - Le Doux Shuffle - Tush Push - Midnight Waltz - Pot of Gold - Coastin' -Tahoe Kick - Honky Tonk Stomp - Jose Cuervo - Long Shot - Slap Leather - Mad for it - Sidekick - Walk On Bye - J&T - Walk the Line - Cajun Moon - Stroll Along Cha Cha - Oil Can Slide - Cowgirls' Twist - Snakepit - MLD - Reggae Cowboy - Dizzy - No Way Jose -13 MWZ - County Line - One Step Forward - Ridin' - Chicago Cha Cha - Fais Do Do - Bright Side of the Road - Jamaica Mistaka - Jazzie Joe's -Ballymore Boys- God Bless Texas - Little Squirt - Por Ti Sere - Swing City Jive - Pizziricco -Viva las Vegas - The Lion Sleeps - Magic Moon - Cowgirls' Twist

Dances 2011

La Luna (November) - Telepathy (October) - Quarter After One (Sept) - Chicken Walk Jive (August) -Beyond Your Eyes (July)- Get Up Dance and Inspiration (June) - Sleeping Child (May) - Georgia Winder (April) - Burlesque (March/April)- Calypso Mexico(March) -Big Jimmy (February)

Dances 2010

Toes - J Ho - Cabo san Lucas -Sister Kate - - Boyfriend of the Year - D.H.S.S - Action - Cool Chick -Step Back -All the Lovers - Rhythm of Life -Handyman - Gleehab -Tennessee Waltz Surprise - Boogie Woogie - Sharp Dressed Man