the cactus club

I Like It

First Sway

Count:32, Wall:4

Level: Beginner

Choreographer: Dirk Leibing - September 2018

Music: (Slow) Marshall Hain - Dancing In The City or (Faster)Blackout Allstars - I Like It

Sway(R,L,R), Touch, Sway(L,R,L), Touch
1-2 Step RF right & Sway right, Sway left
3-4 Sway right, Touch LF next to RF
5-6 Step LF left & Sway left, Sway right
7-8 Sway left, Touch RF next to LF

9-10 Step RF right diagonally forward, Touch LF next to RF
11-12 Step LF left diagonally back, Touch RF next to LF
13-14 Step RF right diagonally back, Touch LF next to RF
15-16 Step LF left diagonally forward, Touch RF next to LF

Monterey 1/4 Turn, Rocking Chair
17-18 Point RF right, Turn 1/4 right closing RF next to LF, weight is on RF now
19-20 Point LF left, Close LF next to RF changing weight to LF
21-22 Rock RF forward, Recover on LF
23-24 Rock RF back, Recover on LF

Walk forward(R,L,R), Kick LF forward, Walk back(L,R,L), Touch
25-26 Step RF forward, Step LF forward
27-28 Step RF forward, Kick LF forward
29-30 Step LF back, Step RF back
31-32 Step LF back, Touch RF next to LF