the cactus club

Pet Shop Boys The Village People

Go West A Little

Count:32, Wall:4

Level: Beginner

Choreographer: Carrie Ann Green (August2014)

Music: Go West, Village People or The Pet Shop Boys

Section 1: Walk Forward R,L, Shuffle Fwd, Step 1/2 Turn, L Kick Ball Cross
1-2 Walk fwd R, Walk fwd L
3&4 Shuffle fwd R, (R,L,R)
5-6 Step L fwd pivot 1/2 turn R, (6.00)
7&8 Kick L Fwd, step on L Ball, Cross R over L

Section 2: Grapevine Left, Grapevine Right
9-10 Step L to L Side, step R behind L
11-12 Step L to L, touch right next to left
13-14 Step R to R Side, step L behind R
15-16 Step R to R, touch left next to right

Section 3: Walk Forward L,R, Shuffle Fwd, Step 1/4 Turn, R Kick Ball Change
17-18 Walk fwd L, Walk fwd R
19&20 Shuffle fwd L (L,R,L)
21-22 Step R fwd pivot 1/4 turn L, (3.00)
23&24 Kick R forward, step on R ball beside L, step L in place

Section 4: R Jazz Box, V Step
25-26 Cross right over left, Step back onto left
27-28 Step right to right side, Step forward onto left
29-30 Step R foot fwd & out, step L foot fwd & out (hip width apart)
31-32 Step R foot back in place, step L foot back in place (the last 4 counts having made a V shape)

Optional arm movements on the V step:
Count 5 -raise right arm to right diagonal
Count 6 -raise left arm to left diagonal
Count 7 -bring right arm down to lay across body
Count 8 -bring left arm down and lay across right arm (hugging)