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Gives Me Shivers

Count:32, Wall:4

Level: Improver

Choreographed: Brandon Zahorsky (USA) - October 2021

Music: : Shivers - Ed Sheeran

Jazz Jump, Hold, Bump L, Bump R, Slow Roll
&1,2 Hop R forward (&), Step L next to R, Hold
3-4 Bump L hip L side, Bump R hip R side
5-8 Bump hips to Left, Back, Right and Front (Roll Hips Counterclockwise)

Cross Rock, Triple Side, Cross Rock, 1/4 Turn Triple
9-10 Cross R over L, Recover back on L
11&12 Triple Side R (R,L,R)
13-14 Cross L over R, Recover back on R (Shimmy upper body)
15&16 Triple Side left making 1/4 turn over L shoulder (L,R,L) (9:00)

Cross Point, Cross Point, 1/4 Turn Jazz-box
16-18 Cross R over L, Point L side L
19-20 Cross L over R, Point R side R
21-22 Cross R over L, Step L back 1/4 turn over R shoulder(12:00)
23-24 Step R side R, Cross L over R

Step Touch, Step Touch, 1/4 Turning Grapevine
25-26 Step R side R, Cross touch L toe over R
27-28 Step L side L, Cross touch R toe over L
29-30 Step R 1/4 turn over R shoulder (5), Step back L 1/2 turn over R shoulder (9:00)
31-32 Step R forward 1/2 over R shoulder, Step L forward (3:00)

Option without turn
29-30 Step R side (5), Step L behind R (6)
31-32 Step R 1/4 turn over R shoulder (7), Step L forward (8) (3:00)

Happens when the music kicks up and during the chorus in the song. There will be 4 bass beats to hop
29-32 Hop on the bass beat in the music and finish a 1/4 turn to new wall. It will feel like 5 jumps forward because you start the dance with a hop forward. Have fun with this!

Suggested Rotation - Counts 29-32
Walls - 1,6 - Regular 1/4 turn grapevine
Walls - 2,7,11 - Rolling Grapevine with 1/4 turn
Walls - 3,8,12 - Hop section
Walls - 4,5,9,10,13,14 - Hop Section w/Shimmy (Shivers)