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Venga Bus Shuffle

Count:32, Wall:4

Level: Beginner / Intermediate

Choreographer: Kelvin Elvidge

Music: We Like to Party by the Venga Boys

Rock Step, Hitches With Steps Back, Back Rock, Right Shuffle.
1-2 Rock forward on Right, Rock back on Left
&3 Hitch the Right leg, Step back on Right
&4 Hitch the Left leg, Step back on Left
&5-6 Hitch the Right leg, Rock back on Right, Rock forward Left
7&8 Shuffle forward: Right, Left, Right

Hip Swing, Sailor Step, Hip Swing, Chasse Right
9-10 Step Left to left swinging hips left, Swing hips back to Right
11&12 Cross Left behind Right, Step Right to right, Cross Left next to Right
13-14 Step Right to right swinging hips to right, Swing hips back to Left
15&16 Step Right to right, Close Left to Right, Step Right to right

Cross Rock, Chasse Left, Cross Rock Chasse Right, Step Together.
17-18 Cross rock Left over Right, Rock back on Right
19&20 Step Left to left side, Close Right to Left, Step Left to left side
21-22 Cross rock Right over Left, Rock back on Left
23&24& Step Right to right, Close Left to Right, Right to Right, Close Left to Right

Side Rock Right, Cross Lock, Rock 1/4 Turn Right, Left Shuffle.
25-26 Rock Right to right side, Rock Left to left side
27&28 Cross Right over Left, Lock Left behond Right, Step Right to left
29-30 Rock Left to left side, Rock Right making a 1/4 turn right
31&32 Shuffle forward: Left, Right, Left