the cactus club

Connie Francis

Tin Man

Count:32, Wall:4

Level: Absolute Beginner

Choreographer: Sandy Kerrigan (Sydney) Australia - Jan. 2016

Music: Robot Man by Connie Francis

R Toe Heel Strut Side, L Toe Heel Strut Across, R Side Rock, Replace, Together, Hold 12:00
1-4 Touch Ball of R to R, Drop R Heel, Touch Ball of L Across R, Drop L Heel
5-8 Rock R to R Side, Replace to L, Step R next To L, Hold

L Toe Heel Strut Side, R Toe Heel Strut Across, L Side Rock, Replace, Together, Hold 12:00
9-12 Touch Ball of L to L, Drop L Heel, Touch Ball of R Across L, Drop R Heel
13-16 Rock L to L Side, Replace to R, Step L next To R, Hold

R Fwd Mambo Step, Hold, L Back Mambo Step, Hold 12:00
17-20 Rock Fwd R, Replace Back to L, Step Back R, Hold
21-24 Rock Back L, Replace Fwd to R, Step Fwd L, Hold

Fwd Lock Step, Hold, 1/4 Pivot Turn, Step Together, Hold 3:00
25-28 Step Fwd R, Lock L Behind R, Step Fwd on R, Hold
29-32 Step Fwd L, 1/4 Pivot Turn R-wt on R, Step L next to R, Hold