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Richard Marx

Little Heartbreak

Count:32, Wall:4

Level: High Beginner

Choreographed: Jef Camps (BEL) & Roy Verdonk (NL) - April 2023

Music: : Same Heartbreak Different Day - Richard Marx

Intro: 8 counts
Back, Touch, Shuffle Fwd, Step Fwd, 1/4 Pivot, Cross, Side
1-2 RF step back in R-diagonal (optional: open body slightly), LF touch next to RF
3&4 LF step forward, RF close next to LF, LF step forward
5-6 RF step forward, make 1/4 turn L putting weight on LF
7-8 RF cross LF, LF step side - 9:00

Behind, Point, Touch Across, Point, (Heel Grind into) Weave
9-10 RF cross behind LF, LF point L side
11-12 LF touch across RF, LF point side
13-14 LF cross over RF, RF step side (easy option)
(option) LF cross over RF on L-heel, LF twist toes to L while on L-heel & RF step side(harder option)
15-16 LF cross behind RF, RF step side

Cross Rock/Recover, Chasse, Jazz Box 1/4 Turn Cross
17-18 LF rock across RF, recover on RF
19&20 LF step side, RF close next to LF, LF step side
21-22 RF cross over LF, 1/8 turn R & LF step back
23-24 1/8 turn R & RF step side, LF cross over RF - 12:00

1/4 Monterey Turn, Touch, Out-Out, Shuffle Back
25-26 RF point side, 1/4 turn R & RF close next to LF
27-28 LF point side, LF touch next to RF
29-30 LF step forward in L-diagonal, RF step forward in R-diagonal
31&32 LF step back, RF close next to LF, LF step back - 3:00

TAG: After wall 4 add following steps before restarting the dance
1-2 RF step back in R-diagonal, LF touch next to RF
3-4 LF step forward, RF stomp up next to L
5-6 RF step diagonally R forward, LF touch next to RF
7-8 LF step back, RF stomp up next to LF - 12:00