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Houston Slide

Choreographer: Unknown
Description: Four Wall Line Dance
Music Suggestions: “Down At The Old Corral” by Randy Travis (Practice); “Pick-Up Man” by Joe Diffie;
“Mudslide” by Neal McCoy

1-4 Touch Right Toe To Right. Touch Right Toe Beside Left. Take A Large Step Right On Right Foot. Slide
Left Foot Beside Right.
5-8 Touch Left Toe To Left. Touch Left Toe Beside Right. Take A Large Step Left On Left Foot. Slide Right
Foot Beside Left.

9-12 Tap Right Heel Forward Twice. Tap Right Toe Back Twice.
13-14 Tap Right Heel Forward. Tap Right Toe Back.

15-18 Step Right Foot Forward Turning 1⁄4 Right. Brush Left Foot To Left. Step Left Foot Across Right. Brush
Right Foot To Right.

19-22 Step Right Foot Across Left. Step Left Foot Back. Step Right Foot To Right. Jump Forward Bringing
Feet Together.

Begin Again.