the cactus club

Thomas Rhett

Feelin' Good

Count:24, Wall:4

Level: Improver

Choreographer: Michael Metzger – June 2017

Music: Music : I Feel Good by Thomas Rhett (featuring LunchMoney Lewis)

Count In: Start on vocals – approximately 0:09

Point, Clap, Shuffle Right, Rock Behind, Recover, Shuffle Left
1-2 Point R to right, Clap
3&4 Step R to right, Step L together, Step R to right
5-6 Rock L behind R, Recover to R
7&8 Step L to left, Step R together, Step L to left

Rock Behind, Recover, Grapevine With 1/4 Turn, Pivot Turn
9-10 Rock R behind L, Recover to L
11-12 Step R to side, Cross L behind R
13-14 Turn 1/4 right and step R forward (3.00), Scuff L forward
15-16 Step L forward, Pivot 1/2 right taking weight onto R (9.00)

Step, Touch, Step Back, Touch, Shuffle Forward, Cross, Step Together
17-18 Step L forward, Touch R toe slightly behind L
19-20 Step R back, Touch L heel slightly in front of R
21&22 Shuffle forward L, R, L
23-24 Cross R over L, Step L together