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The very best of Showaddywaddy

Sea Cruise

Count:32, Wall:4

Level: Beginner

Choreographer: Alison and Peter, TheDanceFactoryUK

Music: Sea Cruise on Enter album name by Showaddywaddy

R side shuffle, L back rock/recover, L toe step, R cross toe step
1&2 Step R side, step L side, step R side
3-4 Rock L back, recover weight on R
5-6 Touch toes L side, step L heel down
7-8 Cross touch R toes over L, step R heel down

L side shuffle, R back rock/recover,1/4 R Monterey turn
9&10 Step L side, step R together, step L side
11-12 Rock R back, recover weight on L
13-14 Point R toes side, turning 1/4 right step R together
15-16 Point L toes side, step L together

Walk fwd 3, 1/2 R on R with L hitch, walk back 3, R side point
17-18 Step R forward, step L forward
19-20 Step R forward, hitching L knee turn 1/2 right on R
21-22 Step L back, step R back
23-24 Step L back, point R side

R cross step, L side point, L cross step, R side point, R jazz box cross
25-26 Cross step R over L, point L side
27-28 Cross step L over R, point R side
29-30 Cross step R over L, step L back
31-32 Step R side, cross step L over R