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Shania’s Moment

Choreographer: Nathan Easey
Description: 2 Wall Line Dance
Music Suggestions: “From This Moment On” by Shania Twain

1-2 Step Right Foot Across Left. Step Left Foot Back.
3&4 Shuffle In Place, Stepping Right, Left, Right.
5-6 Step Left Foot Across Right. Step Right Foot Back.
7&8 Shuffle In Place, Stepping Left, Right, Left

9-10 Step Right Foot Forward. Rock Back Onto Left Foot.
11&12 Step Right Foot Back. Step Left Foot Left Turning 1⁄4 Left. Step Right Foot To Right.
13-16 Step Left Foot Forward. Rock Onto Right Foot. Step Left Foot Back. Touch Right Foot Across Left And
Click Fingers.

17&18 Shuffle Forwards Stepping Right, Left, Right.
19-20 Step Left Foot Forward. Pivot 1⁄2 Turn Right.
21&22 Shuffle Forwards Stepping Left, Right, Left.
23-24 Step Right Foot Forward. Pivot 1⁄2 Turn Left.

25-28 Step Right Toe Forward. Drop Right Heel. Step Left Toe Forward. Drop Left Heel (Toe Struts).
29&30 Kick Right Foot Forward. Step Right Foot Beside Left. Step Left Foot Forward.
31-32 Step Right Foot Forward. Pivot 1⁄4 Turn Left.

33&34 Cross Shuffle Left Stepping Right Foot Across Left, Left Foot To Left, Right Foot Across left.
35&36 Shuffle To Left Side Stepping Left, Right, Left.

37-40 Step Right Foot Back. Rock Onto Left Foot. Step Right Foot Right. Brush Left Foot Forward Past Right.
41&42 Cross Shuffle Right Stepping Left Foot Across Right, Right Foot To Right, Left Foot Across Right.

43&44 Shuffle To Right Side Stepping Right, Left, Right.
45-46 Step Left Foot Back. Rock Onto Right Foot. Step Left Foot Left. Brush Right Foot Forward Past Left.

Begin Again.