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Ryan Griffin

Salt, Lime and Tequila

Count:32, Wall:4

Level: Beginner

Choreographed: Michelle Wright (USA) - April 2021

Music: Salt, Lime & Tequila - Ryan Griffin

R Side together, ¼ R shuffle, Step ¼ turn Crossing shuffle
1-2 Step R to R side, Step L next to R
3&4 ¼ turn R Stepping R forward, Step L next to R, Step R forward
5-6 Step L forward, ¼ turn R putting weight on R
7&8 Cross L over R , Step R to R side , Cross L over R

R and L forward traveling point Cross step, Out, Out R coaster step
9-10 Point R to R side, Cross R over L slightly stepping forward
11-12 Point L to L side, Cross L over R slightly stepping forward
13-14 Step R forward on diagonal, Step L forward on Diagonal
15&16 Step R back, Step L next to R, Step R forward

L and R step, lock, step,lock, step
17-18 Step L forward slightly on diagonal, Step R behind L
19&20 Step L forward, Step R behind L, Step L forward
21-22 Step R forward slightly on diagonal, Step L behind R
23&24 Step R forward, Step L behind R, Step R forward

Jazz box, L Forward rock, recover, L coaster Cross
25-26 Cross L over R, Step R back
27-28 Step L to L side, Step R forward
29-30 Step L forward, Recover on R
31&32 Step L back, Step R next to L , Cross L over R