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Caribbean Cadence

Count:40, Wall:Partner

Level: Beginner

Choreographer: Karen Paakkari

Music: Get into Reggae Cowboy by The Bellamy Brothers; Operator Operator by Eddy Raven : Hot Hot Hot by Buster Poindexter, ooh aah..Just a little bit by Gina G...

The dance begins with 'partner' facing LOD and 'leader' ALOD side by side. Right foot is slightly in front of Left. There is no contact between partners both do same step except where stated. This is almost Tush Push in the round!

1-4 Raise Right heel, lowering four times
5-8 Swivel quarter to left raising Left heel and lower four times

9-12 Swivel quarter right, Swivel quarter left, swivel quarter right, Clap holding position which should now be back to side-to-side.
13-16 Bump Right hips together twice, Bump Left hips away twice.

17-20 Bump hips In, Out,In, Out (Right, Left,Right, Left)
21&22,23-24 Shuffle forward Right, Left, Right; Step forward Left, half turn to right moving weight to Right.

25&26,27-28 Shuffle forward Left, Right, Left; Step forward Right , half turn to left moving weight to Left.
29&30 Shuffle forward Right, Left,Right.

31-32,33&34 "leader" Step forward on Left, Step forward on Right, Shuffle forward Left, Right, Left.

"partner" Rock forward on Left, Rock back on Right, Cha, cha, cha on the spot Left, Right, Left. The leader has moved to next partner. *

35-38 Step forward Right, half to left with weight to Left, Step forward Right, half to left with weight to Left.

39-40 Stomp Right slightly forward to start position, Clap.

As there is no contact body position and eye contact is used to create a together look!