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Choreography by Carina Charles
Music: Wayo by Waylander from Worlds
Good beginners dance with interesting musical choice


1-4 Step Right big step to right side, Hold, Rock back on Left, Rock forward on Right
5-8 Step Left big step to left side, Hold, Rock back on Right, Rock forward on Left

9-12 Step Right quarter turn right, Hold, Step forward on Let, Pivot half turning right
13-16 Step forward Left, Hold, Step forwared Right, Pivot half turn to left

17-20 Step Right diagonal, Lock Left behind Right, Step Right diagonal, Hitch Left
21-24 Step Left diagonal , Lock Right behind Left, Step Left diagonal, Hitch Right

25-28 Rock forward Right, Rick back Left, Rock back Right, Rock forward Left
29-32 Step forward Right, Hold, Pivot half turn Left, Hold