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Shufflin' Home (for Christmas)

Choreographed by Lana Harvey

Music: Holly Jolly Christmas by Alan Jackson; I Only Want You for Christmas By Alan Jackson: Xmas in Jail by Asleep at the Wheel

This dance could be done to loads of other pieces of music and used all year round


1&2, 3&4. Shuffle Left: L. R, L, Shuffle Right: R, L, R

5-6,7&8. Rock forward on Left, rock back on Right, Shuffle turning half to left: L, R, L

&9&10&11&12. On ball of Left making half turn left, Shuffle back: R,L,R, On ball of right make quarter turn left, Shuffle forward: L, R, L

13-14 15&16. Step Right, Cross Left behind Right, With quarter turn right shuffle: R, L, R

17-18 19&20. Step forward Left, turn half turn weight to Right, shuffle forward: L, R, L

21-24. Step Right out to right, step Left out to left, Step Right in to centre, step Left in to centre

25-28. Step Right forward, step Left forward, Step Right back, step Left next to Right

&29-30, 31-32. Jump Right out and Left out, CLAP, Step right in to centre, Touch Left next to Right