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Southern Cross Cha Cha


Choreography by Bill Bader

Music: Boomerang Love by Jimmy Buffet, Island Eddy Raven ( this is a great slow choice) or the Borderlines' choice is The Cup of Life by Ricky Martin (fast)

1-2 Small step forward Right, Small step forward Left

3&4 Shuffle forward Right, Left, Right

5-6 Small step back Left, Small step back Right

7&8 Shuffle back Left, Right , Left

9-10 Cross rock Right diagonal forward, Rock back onto Left diagonal (45 degrees)

11&12 Shuffle Right, Left Right in a curve ending diagonal at right hand corner

13&14 Cross rock Left, Rock back onto Right

15&16 Shuffle Left, Right, Left in a curve ending diagonal at left hand corner

17-18 Step forward Right on the diagonal, Lock Left behind Right

19&20 Cha Cha on the spot with half turn, Right forward to start, Left, Right

21-22 Step forward on the Left on the diagonal to right, Lock Right behind Left

23&24 Cha Cha on the spot with half turn left, Left forward, right, Left

25-26 Rock forward onto Right, Rock back Left

27&28 Cha cha on the spot Right,Left, Right

29-30 Rock back Left, Rock forward Right

31&32 Cha Cha on the spot, Left, Right, Left

33-34 Cross Right over Left into left diagonal corner, Rock back on Left

35&36 Shuffle in place turning half turning right, Right, Left, Right( 45 degrees end)

37-38 Rock forward Left, Rock back on Right

39&40 Shuffle in place turning three quarters left, Left, Right, Left

41-42 Rock forward Right, Rock back Left

43&44 Shuffle in place half turn right, Right,Left,Right

45-46 Rock forward Left, Rock back on Right

47&48 Shuffle three eights left to new wall (quarter left from origional), Left, Right, Left





Bill Bader