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Rumba Regal


Choreography : Peter Flockhart

Dance used as an introduction to Rumba, footwork Ball flat(b/f) throughout (except 2nd position)

Music: Any Rumba, timing throughout SQQ


1-4 Rumba box : Step forward on Left foot, Step side Right, Close Left to Right

5-8 Rumba box : Step back on Right foot, Step side Left, Close Right to Left

9-12 Rumba box turning : Step forward on Left foot turning a quarter left, Step side Right, Close Left to Right

13-16 Break : Step back on Right, Rock back Left, Rock forward Right

17-20 2nd Position : Step to left with Left foot(b/f), rock to side onto Right(f), close Left to Right(b/f)

21-24 2nd Position : Step to right with Right foot(b/f), rock to side onto Left(f), close Right to Left(b/f)...there should be a circular hip mpvement in 2nd position

25-28 Step to the left with a quarter turn left, Step forward on Right, 1/2 turn pivot to left with weight to Left

29-32 First position: Step forward on Right turning 1/4 left, Close Left to Right, ball flat on Right on the spot.


This can also be done as a couple with all steps opposite for lady, 2nd position break away from partner arm hold to hand hold with man's right. On pivot turn partners break contact with arms.



This was created to support a few weeks of latino line at Borderlines Balham in March 1999