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Choreographed by Peter Flockhart

Music : Quizas,Quizas,Quizas(Perhaps,Perhaps,Perhaps) Doris Day from the soundtrack of Strickly Ballroom or to any rumba. Two Wall

Note : this is danced in rumba style and timing. The first step is a 'dummy' on beat 1, only being danced once at the beginning, the remainder of the dance is timed as 2,3,4,1 the usual rumba timing. Footwork

1 (only dance at the begining) Step right foot to the side.


*2,3,4,1(QQS) Basic step into turn

Step forward on Left foot(ball flat), Rock back onto Right, Step Left to left side and slightly forward to start turn to right. (about eighth turn)

2,3,4,1(QQS) First three steps of Natural Top

Cross Right foot behind Left(eighth turn), Left foot to the side(quarter turn), Cross Right foot behind Left (now facing back wall)

2,3,4,1 (QQS) Cucaracha Left side

Side Left leaving Right flat, Return weight to Right, Close Left to Right

2,3,4,1 (QQS) Back Basic

Step back on Right, Rock forward on Left, Right foot to the side

2,3,4,1(QQS) Fan

Step forward on the Left, Step back Right and slightly to the side with a quarter turn,

Step back on Left

2,3,4,1(QQS) Hockey Stick

Close Right foot to Left, Forward Left, Forward Right


Forward Left starting to turn left, Continuing left turn step back and slightly side Right, Step Left now completing turn (turn is three quarters over the three steps most of turn on step two)

2,3,4,1(QQS) Back Basic

Step back on Right, Rock forward on Left, Right foot to the side


Start dance again missing first beat 1 go to*