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Choreographer: Dynamite Dot
Description: Four Wall Line Dance
Music Suggestion: Originally choreographed to “Pizziricco” by The Mavericks

1-4 Walk Forward Stepping Right, Left, Right. Point Left Toe Left Clicking Fingers (Head Turn Left Optional).
5-8 Walk Back Stepping Left, Right, Left. Point Right Toe Right Clicking Fingers (Head Turn Right Optional).

9-12 Turn One Full Turn Right Stepping Right, Left, Right. Touch Left Foot Beside Right And Clap.
13-16 Turn One Full Turn Left Stepping Left, Right, Left. Touch Right Foot Beside Left And Clap.

17-20 Kick Right Foot Forward Twice. Step Right Foot Right Turning 1⁄4 Right. Touch Left Foot Beside Right.
21 Kick Left Foot Forward.
22&23 Shuffle Turning 1⁄2 Left Stepping Left, Right, Left.
24 Kick Right Foot Forward.

25&26 Shuffle Forwards Stepping Right, Left, Right.
27&28 Shuffle Turning 1⁄2 Right Stepping Left, Right, Left.
29-32 Step Right Foot Back. Rock Forward Onto Left. Foot. Moving Forward Turn One Full Turn Stepping Right, Left.
Begin Again.