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Missing You


Choreography by Amanda Harvey-Tench

Music: Missing You by Brookes and Dunn


1-2 Rock Right foot forward, Rock back onto Left

3&4 Step Right back, Lock Left over Right, Step Right back

5&6 Step Left back, Lock Right over Left, Step Left back

7-8 Rock Right foot forward, Rock back onto Left


9-10 Rock Right foot forward Rock Left foot back

11&12 Step Right, Left< Right turning three quater turn to the right

13-14 Rock Left foot forward, Rock back on Right

&15-16 Step Left next to Right, Rock back on the Right, Rock forward on Left


17-18 Step Right foot to the side, Cross Left behind Right

19-20 Full turn stepping Right then Left to the right

21&22 Shuffle to the right: Right, Left, Right

23-24 Rock back on Left, Rock forward on Right


25-26 Step Left to left, Cross Right behind Left

&27-28 Step Left foot to left, Cross Right over Left, Step Left to left

29-30 Step Right forward, Pivot half turn left

31-32 Step Right foot forward, Step Left foot forward