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Viva Las Vegas


Choreography by Myoma Gilbert

Music : Cry Myself to Sleep (practice) Te Judds, Lets's Go to Las Vegas by Faith Hill


1-4 Pigeon Toes, Pigeon Toes

5-8 Touch Right toe to Left instep, Touch Right heel to Left instep, Step Right foot across Left Step Left foot beside Right

9-12 Pigeon Toes, Pigeon Toes

13-16 Touch Left toe to Right instep, Touch Left heel to Right instep, Step Leftfoot across Right, Touch Right foot beside Left

17-20 Step forward on Right foot, Kick Left foot forward, Step back on Left foot, Touch Right toe back

21-24 repeat 17-20

25-28 Grapevine Right,Left foot touch

29-32 Grapevine Left (rolling) Right foot touch

33-36 Step forward on Right, Slide Left next to Right, Step forward on Right, Hitch Left knee

37-40 Step forward on Left, Slide Right next to Left, Step forward on Left, Turn 1/2 left and hitch right

41-44 Stomp forward Right, Left, Right, Left

45-48 Jazz box

49-52 Turning Jazz box, turn 1/4 right on beat 51


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