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King of the Road

Choreographers: Pedro Machado & Jo Thompson (May ’97)
Description: Four Wall Line Dance
Music Suggestions; “King Of The Road” by Roger Miller, Randy Travis or The Proclaimers; “Fever” by DonWilliams

1-4 Step Right Foot To Right. Cross Step Left Foot Behind Right. Step Right Foot To Right Turning 1⁄2 Right. Scuff Left Foot Beside Right.
5&6 Shuffle To Left Stepping Left, Right, Left.
7-8 Step Back On Right Foot. Rock Forward Onto Left Foot.

9-10 Step Right Foot To Right. Cross Step Left Foot Behind Right.
11&12 Shuffle To Right Turning 1⁄4 Right Stepping Right, Left, Right.
13-14 Step Forward On Left Foot. Rock Back Onto Right Foot.
15&16 Shuffle In Place Stepping Left, Right, Left.

17-20 Step Right Foot Across Left. Hold Position And Click Right Hand. Step Left Foot Across Right. Hold Position And Click Left Hand.
21-24 Repeat Steps 17-20.

&25-26 Step Right Foot back At 45’. Step Left Foot Beside Right. Hold Position.
27-28 Pop Right Knee Towards Left. Hold.
29-32 Pop Left Knee Towards Right. Pop Right Knee Towards Left.

Note: When dancing to the Randy Travis version of the song add 16 knee pops in the irregular beat that appears mid-track, then start the dance again.