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Break It Loose


Choreography by Daniel Whittaker

Music: Let's Get Loud by Jennifer Lopez, Baila by Jennifer Lopez, I Like It Like That by The Blackout All Stars


1-3 Step Right Foot Right, Step Left across Right, Step Right Foot Back

4&5 Shuffle turning quarter left: Left, Right, Left

6-8 Step Right foot forward, Rock back onto Left, Step Right foot back

9-11 Step Left foot to left, Step Right foot beside Left, Step Left foot forward

12&13 Shuffle turning quarter left: Right, Left, Right

14&15 Coaster Step: Step back on Left, Close Right next to Left, Step forward Left

16 Stomp Right next to Left

17&18 Shuffle to the left: Left, Right, Left

19-22 Step Right behind Left, Rock forward onto Left, Step Right foot right, Step Left foot beside Right

23&24 Shuffle to the right turning quarter right: Right, Left, Right

25-27 Step Left foot forward, Pivot half turn right, Step Left foot forward

28&29 Shuffle forward:Right, Left, Right

30&31&32 Tap Left heel forward, Step Left beside Right, Tap Right heel forward, Step Right foot beside Left, Stomp Left foot forward

33&34 Stomp Right foot forward, Clap twice

&35&36 Stomp Left foot beside Right, Stomp Right foot forward, clap twice

37&38 Stomp Left foot forward, Pivot half turn right, Stomp Right foot forward

39 Stomp Left foot beside Right

40&1 Shuffle to the right side: Right Left, Right (beginning dance on third step of shuffle)