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Back walk

choreorapher :'Dakota 'Dave Getty

Music : Come on Back to Me : Carlene Carter


1-4 Touch Right toe forward, touch Right toe to right side, repeat beats 1-2

5-8 Touch Right toe behind Left foot, Step Right foot to right side. Touch Left toe behind Right foot,

Step Left foot to left side.

9-10 Moving in a line to left turn 1/2 turn right on Left foot,andstep Right foot to right side,

Turn 1/2 to the right on right foot and step Left foot to left side (like turning grapevine)

11-12 Stomp Right twice

13-14 Jump back on right foot , kicking Left foot forward, Take large step forward on left foot (lines cross at this point)

15-16 Turn 1/2 to the left on Left foot, Step back on right foot, step back on left foot