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Ronnie Milsap

Stand By my Woman Man

Count:32, Wall:4

Level: Beginner

Micaela Pat Stott (January 2018)

Music: (I'm a) Stand By My Woman Man by Ronnie Milsap

Intro: 40 seconds on "Stand"
Step forward, point left, step forward, point right, point forward, point right, step forward, point left
1-2 Step forward on right, point left to left
3-4 Step forward on left, point right to right
5-6 Point right toe forward, point to right side
7-8 Step forward on right, point left to left

Step forward, kick, step back, hook, step forward, kick, step back, touch left next to right
9-10 Step forward on left, kick right forward
11-12 Step back on right, swing left in front of right & hook
13-14 Step forward on left, kick right forward.
15-16 Step back on right, touch left toe next to right foot

Vine left with 1/4 turn left, brush up, 3 walks back, close
17-20 Left to left, cross right behind left, turn 1/4 left stepping forward on left, brush right forward raising the foot up in preparation to walk back
21-24 3walks back - right, left, right, close left next to right
Restart here during wall 3

Out, in, step, slide, out, in, step, slide
25-26 Point right toe to right, touch right next to left
27-28 Large step to right, slide left to right
29-30 Point left toe to left, touch left next to right
31-32 Large step to left, slide right to left