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Alison  Moyet

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Second Chances

Counts:48 Wall: 2 Level: Improver
Choreographer: Carl Edwards (UK) March 2013
“Weak in the Presence of Beauty” by Alison Moyet. album “Alison Moyet the Best of: 25 Years Revisited” (Remastered)

Sec. 1: Cross-rock, recover, chasse twice
1 - 2Cross-rock Right foot over Left. Recover on to Left foot.
3 & 4Step Right to side, Close Left to Right, Step Right to side.
5 - 6Cross-rock Left foot over Right. Recover on to Right foot.
7 & 8Step Left to side, Close Right to Left, Step Left to side.

Sec. 2: Cross steps with hip twist, Jazz Box 1/4 turn
1 - 2Cross Right over Left , Step Left to side
3 - 4Cross Right over Left, Step Left to side
(Styling: Turn hips to Left as you cross over and straighten up on side step)
5 - 6Cross Right over Left, Step back on Left foot
7 - 8Step Right 1/4 turn to Right, Step Left next to Right (weight on Left foot)

Sec. 3: Shuffle. Forward rock, 3/4 turn, coaster step
1 & 2Step Right forward, Close Left to Right, Step Right forward
3 - 4Rock forward on to Left foot, Recover on to Right foot
5Step Left foot back making 1/2 turn Left over Left shoulder
6Step Right to side making 1/4 turn to Left over Left shoulder
7 & 8Step Back on Left, Close Right to Left, Step forward on Left

Sec. 4: Step-Lock, Shuffle Twice
1 - 2Step Right foot diagonally forward, Lock Left foot behind
3 & 4Step Right forward, Close Left to Right, Step Right forward
5 - 6Step Left foot diagonally forward, Lock Right foot behind
7 & 8Step Left forward, Close Right to Left, Step Left forward
(Styling: Straighten up to face wall at the end of each shuffle)

Sec. 5: Step, Hold, Switch, Step, Touch, Rolling Vine (TAG wall 2)
1 - 2Step Right to Right side, Hold for one count
&3 - 4Switch and step Left to Right, Step Right to side, Touch Left
5 - 8Step Left to side, Cross Right behind, Step Left to side, Scuff R
(OPTION: Replace vine with a full rolling vine)

Sec. 6: Jazz box, Kick-Ball-Point twice
1 - 2Cross Right over Left, Step back on Left foot
3 - 4Step Right foot to Right side, Step slightly forward on Left foot
5 & 6Kick Right forward, Step Right next to Left, Point Left to side
7 & 8Kick Left forward, Step Left next to Right, Point Right to side

On wall 2, section 5, replace these steps and then restart
&3 - 4Switch step Left to Right, Rock Right to side, Recover on Left