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Rainbow Rhythm

choreography by Bill Bader

borderlines were honoured to be the first club outside Vancouver to be taught this new dance of Bill's

music : live a little by Mark Chestnut (174bpm)

1-8 Diagonal steps forward/then back...Right step forward, Touch Left, Left step forward, Touch Right,Right back, touch Left, Left back, touch Right

9-12 Grapevine to the Right with a 1/4 turn scuffing Left foot lifting knee

13-16 Swivel Right heel to the Left, touching left toe beside right,

Swivel Right toe to the Left, touching left heel beside Right (repeat for beats 15 and 16)

17-24 Toe/heel struts back...Left, Right, Left, Rock back on Right, rock forward on Left

25-32 Four 1/4 Pivot turns...Right forward, 1/4 turn ..repeat 3 times

33-40 Step forward on Right, lock Left, Step forward on Right, Scuff Left, Step forward on Left, HOLD, 1/2 turn right, HOLD

41-48 Step forward on Left, lock Right, Step forward on Left, Scuff Right, Step forward on Right, HOLD, 1/2 turn left, HOLD

49-52 Stomp Right forward, Clap three times to form a rainbow arch turning 1/4 over three claps

(at this point you should be facing origional wall)

53-56 Swivel both heels Right (pulling elbows back), Raise heels pusshing arms forward, Swivel both heels Left(pulling elbows back) HOLD

57-60 Step Right to side (again at origional wall), Touch Left, Step Left to left, Turn 1/4 right touch Right

61-64 Step(long)Right to right side, Slide Left toe beside right (2 counts), change weight from Right to Left



Bill Bader