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Pennsylvania 6-5000

Choreography by Rachael McEnaney

Music: Pennsylvania 6-5000 by Brian Setzer from Vavoom (CD)


1-4. Rock back on Left, Rock forward on Right, Kick Left forward, Step left next to Right

5-8. Kick Right forward, HOLD, Kick Right to right side, HOLD

9-12. Rock back on Right, Rock forward on Left, Kick Right forward, step right next to Left

13-16. Kick Left forward, HOLD, Kick Left to left side, HOLD

17-20. Cross Left behind Right, Step Right to right side,cross Left in front of Right, Kick Right to right side

21-24. Cross right behind left, Step left to left side and turn a quarter left, Step forward on Right, Kick Left forward

25-28. Cross Left toes over Right, Flatten Left foot, Step back on Right, Step Left beside Right

29-32. Twist heels left, Twist toes left, Twist heels left, Twist toes left

33-36. Step forward on Right, Step Left together with Right (slapping left hip), Step forward on Right, Step Left together with Right (slapping left hip),

37-40. Step Forward Right, Click fingers, Pivot half turn left (weight to Left), Click fingers

41-44. Stomp Right forward out to right side, Stomp Left forward out to left side, Step Right back to place, Step Left back to place

45-48. Step Right to right (looking right), Clap hands to right, Step Left to left side (looking left), Clap hand to left

49-52. Kick Right forward, Step forward on Right, Rock Left to left side, Rock back to Right

53-56. Kick Left forward, Step forward on Left, Rock right to right side, Rock back to Left

57-60. Cross Right toes over Left, Flatten Right foot, Step back on Left toes, Flatten Left foot

61-64. Do full turn to right stepping: R, L, R, Slide Left to Right (weight stays on right)