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Choreographer: Unknown, probably originating from Oil Can Harry’s in Los Angeles
Description: Four Wall Line dance
Music Suggestions: “Downtown” by Dolly Parton; “In A Letter To You” by Eddy Raven; “I’m That Kind Of Girl” by
Patty Loveless
1&2 Shuffle Forwards Stepping Right, Left, Right.
3-4 Step Forward On Left Foot. Rock Back Onto Right Foot.
5&6 Shuffle backwards Stepping Left, Right, Left.
7-8 Step Back On Right Foot Turning 1⁄2 Turn Right. Step Forward On Left Foot.
9-12 Rock back Onto Right Foot Turning 1⁄2 Left. Step Forward On Left Foot. Scuff Right Foot Past Left. Tap
Right Heel Forward.
13-16 Tap Right Heel Forward At 45’. Tap Right Heel Forward. Touch Right Toe To Right. Touch Right Toe
Behind Left.
17-20 Step Right Foot To Right. Touch Left Toe Behind Right. Step Left Foot To Left. Cross Step Right Foot
Behind Left.
21-24 Step Left Foot To Left Turning 1⁄4 Left. Step Forward On Right Foot. Pivot 1⁄2 Turn Left. Take A Large Step
Forward On Right Foot.
25-28 Slide Right Foot Beside Left Swivelling Heels 3/8 Right. Swivel Heels 1⁄4 Left. Swivel Heels 1⁄4 Right.
Swivel Heels 3/8 Left.
(You should finish this sequence facing the same direction as on step 24)
29-32 Step back On Right Foot. Rock Forward Onto Left Foot. Step Forward On Right Foot. Rock Back Onto
Left Foot.
Begin Again.