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Post Malone

Need Some Help

Count:32, Wall:4

Level: Beginner

Choreographed: V. Allen L. Isidro (USA) - May 2024

Music: : I Had Some Help (feat. Morgan Wallen) - Post Malone

Side, touch, side, touch, vine with a brush
1-4 Side R, together touch L, side L, together touch R
5-8 Side R, behind L, side R, brush L

Side, touch, side, touch, vine with a brush
9-12 Side L, together touch R, side R, together touch L
13-16 Side L, behind R, side L, brush R

Heel, together, heel, together, V
17-20 R heel, together R, L heel, together L
21-24 Out R, out L, together in R, together in L

Lindy right, 1/4 turning Lindy left
25&26, 27-28 Side shuffle R,L, R, behind L; rock back R
29&30, 31-32 1/4 turning side shuffle L,R,L; behind R, rock back L (3:00)