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Minute Waltz

Count:24, Wall:4

Level: Beginner

Choreographer: Bill Bader

Music: Dream On Texas Ladies by John Michael Montgomery , Till You Love Me by Reba McEntire

1-3 Step Left back to left diagonal ,Step Right next to Left,Step Left beside Right
4-6 Step Right back right diagonal, Step Left next to Right, Step Right next to Left

7-9 Step Left straight back (keep looking forward but body turn 1/4 left), Slide Right toe back over two counts to Left ending with Right heel over Left instep
10-12 Step Right forward, Step Left forward doing full spin to the left,Step Right forward

13-15 Step Left forward, Step Right beside Left, Step Left next to Right
16-18 Step Right back, Step Left next to Right,Step Right next to Left

19-21 Step Left to left with a 1/4 turn left, Step Right forward, Pivot turn 1/2 left on Left
22-24 Step Right forward, Step Left forward, HOLD