the cactus club

Angel Eyes

Memphis Love

Count:32, Wall:4

Level: Improver

Choreographer: Vikki Morris

Music: That's how I got to Memphis by Roch Voisine (English and part French versions)

Start: 16 counts on the word 'Love'

S1: Right Back Rock, Recover Left, Right Lock Step, Pivot 1/4 Right, Left Cross Shuffle
1-2 Rock back on Right, Recover on Left
3&4 Step forward Right, Lock Left behind Right, Step forward Right
5-6 Step forward Left, Pivot 1/4 turn Right (3 o clock)
7&8 Cross Left over Right, Step Right to Right side, Cross Left over Right

S2: Step Right, Left Behind, Rock Right, Recover Left, Right Behind, Step Left, Right Cross Shuffle
9-10 Step Right to Right side, Cross Left behind Right
11-12 Rock Right to Right side, Recover on Left
13-14 Cross Right behind Left, Step Left to Left side
15&16 Cross Right over Left, Step Left to Left side, Cross Right over Left

S3: Rock Left, Recover Right, Modified Left Sailor, Rock Forward Right, Recover Left, Shuffle 1/2 turn Right
17-18 Rock Left to Left side, Recover on Right
19&20 Cross Left behind Right, Step Right to Right Side, Step forward Left
21-22 Rock forward Right, Recover on Left
23&24 Turn 1/4 turn Right, Step Left next to Right, Turn 1/4 turn Right (9 o clock)

S4: Full Turn Right, Left Shuffle, Step Right, Tap Left, Left Lock Back
25-26 Turn 1/2 turn Right Stepping back on Left, Turn 1/2 turn Right stepping forward on Right
27&28 Step forward Left, Step Right next to Left, Step forward Left
29-30 Step forward Right, Tap Left behind Right
31&32 Step back Left, Lock Right over Left, Step back Left

Note: Music slows towards the end, just keep dancing