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S Club 7

Mad For It

Count:32, Wall:4

Level: Beginner

Choreographer: Daniel Whittaker

Music: Reach by S Club 7

1-4 Step Right to side, cross Left behind Right, step Right to side, cross Left over Right
5-8 Step Right to side, touch Left beside Right , step Left to side, touch Right beside Left

9-10 Step ball of Right foot over Left foot, place Right heel down
11-12 Step ball of Left foot to Left side, place Left heel down
13-16 Jazz box: Right over Left, Step back on Left tirning a quarter to the Right, stepping forward on Right, scuff Left next to Right

17-20 Step forward Left foot, lock Right foot behind Left, step forward :Left foot, scuff Right foot beside Left
21-24 Step forward Right foot, lock Left foot behind Right, step forward Right foot, scuff Left foot beside Right

25-28 Rock Left foot forward, rock back on to Right foot, step back on Left foot, clap hands
29-30 Step Right foot half turn right, clap hands

31-32Make half turn right step Left foot back, clap
33-35 Rock Right foot back, step forward on Left foot, step forward Right foot

36-37 Rock Left foot to left side, rock weight back on to Right foot, Step Left foot over Right
38-40 Point Right toe to right side, flick Right foot behind Left leg