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Lovers' Cha Cha

Choreography by Joey McCauley (June 98) UK

Music: Oh Romeo by Mindy McCready: I Should Know by the Mavericks: Something Stupid by the Mavericks and Trisha Yearwood

1&2 Shuffle forward Right, Left ,Right

3-4 Cross Left foot over Right, Touch Right toe to side

5-8 Cross Right over Left, Touch Left toe to side, Cross Left over Right, Unwind half a turn to Right

9&10 Kick ball change on Right ( Kick Right, Right ball, change weight to Left)

11-12 Step forward on the Right diagonally right, Slide Left next to Right and Clap

13&14 Kick ball change on Left

15-16 Step back on the Left diagonally left, Slide Right next to Left and Clap

17&18 Shuffle to the right, Right, Left ,Right

19-20 Rock back onto Left, Rock forward onto Right

21&22 Shuffle to the left turning a quarter right, Left, Right ,Left

23-24 Rock back on the Right , Rock forward onto Left