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Choreographed by Bill Bader, Vancouver B.C.

Music Honky Tonk World Chris Le Doux 168 bpm

Little Miss Honky Tonk Brooks and Dunn 154bpm

Pink Flamingos Tracy Byrd 140bpm


Toe slides fwrd R< L<R<L

1-2. Slide right TOE fwd, Lower right heel (ball to flat)

3-4. Slide left TOE fwd, Lower left heel (ball to flat)

5-8. Repeat for right and then left.

Heel pumps, swivels R<L

& slide right TOE frd

9-12. Pump right foot four times (like a bicycle pump)

& Swivel 1/4 left on balls of both feet, lowering onto right heel

13-16. Pump left foot four times.

Hip Scoops and swivels

17-18. 2 count swivel 1/4 to right, scooping hips down and up in a circle.

19-20. 2 count swivel 1/4 to left, scooping hips down and up in a circle.

Forward walk with back hitch

21-24. Forward left, slide right forward, forward left, back hitch right tucking in behind back of left knee.

Change Taps

25-28. Step back right, tap left next to right, step fwrd left, tap right next to left.

Back/Forward with pivot turn.

29. Step back right and touch left heel forward (toe pointing up)

30. Step forward left (or flatten onto left)

31. Step forward on the right

32. Pivot turn 1/2 to left

Start again.



Bill Bader