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Chris Le Doux

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Le Doux Shuffle

Choreographer Unknown


Music : Cadillac Ranch or Honky Tonk World by Chris Le Doux, Third Rock from the Sun by Joe Diffie



Heel Hooks

1 Touch Right heel forward

2 Hook Right foot over Left knee

3 Touch Right heel forward

4 Step Right next to Left

5 Touch Left heel forward

6 Hook Left foot over Right knee

7 Touch Left heel forward

8 Step Left next to Right

9 Touch Right heel forward

10 Hook Right foot over Left knee

11 Touch Right heel forward

12 Step Right toe back


Le Doux Shuffle 13-30

13&14 Shuffle forward right,left, right

15 Rock forward Left

16 Rock back Right

17&18 Shuffle back left,right,left

19 Rock back Right

20 Rock forward Left

21&22 Shuffle forward right,left, right

23 Step forward Left (half turn right}

24 Step onto Right

25&26 Shuffle forward left,right,left

27 Step forward Right (quarter turn left}

28 Step onto Left

29 Step forward Right (half turn left}

30 Step onto Left


31 Close Right to Left

32 Clap

33-36 Tap Right Toe four times

37-40 Change feet and tap Left toe four times

41-43 Jump change feet (same as in Tush Push)

44 Clap

45-46 Bump Right hip forward twice

47-48 Bump Left hip back twice

49-52 Grind or Bell- rotate hips for four beats on push hips back and forward (as in Tush Push)


Le Doux Shuffle 13-30

53&54 Shuffle forward right,left, right

55 Rock forward Left

56 Rock back Right

57&58 Shuffle back left,right,left

59 Rock back Right

60 Rock forward Left

61&62 Shuffle forward right,left, right

63 Step forward Left (half turn right}

64 Step onto Right

65&66 Shuffle forward left,right,left

67 Step forward Right (quarter turn left}

68 Step onto Left

69 Step forward Right (half turn left}

70 Step onto Left


71 Stomp Right foot next to Left foot

72 Jump spreading feet apart

73 Jump cross Right over Left

74 Turn half to left (change weight to Left foot)


Le Doux Shuffle 13-30

75&76 Shuffle forward right,left, right

77 Rock forward Left

78 Rock back Right

79&80 Shuffle back left,right,left

81 Rock back Right

82 Rock forward Left

83&84 Shuffle forward right,left, right

85 Step forward Left (half turn right}

86 Step onto Right

87&88 Shuffle forward left,right,left

89 Step forward Right (quarter turn left}

90 Step onto Left

91 Step forward Right (half turn left}

92 Step onto Left


93-96 Jazz Box....Cross Right over Left, Step back on Left foot, Step Right to right side, Change weight to Left (stomp down on Left optional)