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Come on Over

Houston Slide

Count:22, Wall:4

Level: Absolute Beginner

Micaela Unknown

Music: Down At The Old Corral by Randy Travis (Practice); Pick-Up Man by Joe Diffie; Mudslide by Neal McCoy, Man! I Feel Like A Woman by Shania Twain

1-2 Point right foot out to side, bring right foot back in
3-4 Step right foot out to side, slide left foot over to meet right
5-6 Point left foot out to side, bring left foot back in
7-8 Step left foot out to side, slide right foot over to meet left

9-12 Tap right heel forward twice, tap right toe behind twice
13-14 Tap right heel forward, tap right toe behind
15-16 Step on right foot to the side with toe pointing right, turn 1/4 to the right and touch left toe out to left side

17-18 Step left foot in front of and across right, touch right toe out to right side
19-20 Step right foot in front of left, step back on left foot
21-22 Step right foot next to left foot, hop (both feet) forward