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Choreoraphy bt Rosalie Mackay

Music: Heartbeats to a Different Drum by Rosie Flores

This has been written as we teach this dance at Borderlines

Part A

&1&2&3&4 Travelling back: Step back Left, Right heel on diagonal, Step back Right, Left heel on diagonal, Step back Left, Right heel, Right Toe, Right heel on diagonal

&5-6, 7&8 Step back Right, Kick Left twice (clapping twice), Step back on Left, Close Right to Left, Step forward Left

9&10, 11-12 Shuffle to the Right stepping Right, Left Right, Rock back on Left, Rock forward on Right

13&14, 15-16 Shuffle to the Left stepping Left, Right Left, turning Right, left to left

&17-18, 19&20 Rock back on Right, Rock forward Left, Scuff Right, Shuffle forward Right, Left, Right

&21-22, 23-24 Rock back on Left, Rock forward Right, Scuff Left, Shuffle forward Left, Right Left

25-26, 27&28 Kick Right twice (with claps), Step back on Right, Step back Left, Step forward Right

29-32 Step forward on Left, turn half turn LEFT* with Right next to Left, Stomp Left, Stomp Right


Part B

1&2, 3&4 (Sailor Steps bridge) Cross Left behind Right, Step right to side, Step Left in place, Cross Right behind Left, Step Left to side, Step Right in place.

Sequence ABABAAABABBA(modified*)

The final A has no turn, so dance ends facing the same as start. step 30 ia a Rock back on Right.