the cactus club

Get Good

Get Good

Count:24, Wall:4

Level: Beginner

Choreographer: David LECAILLON / July 2017

Music: "Life's About To Get Good" by Shania TWAIN

Cross, side, behind side cross, rock side, cross shuffle
1-2 Lf cross over right, Rf step to right side
3&4 Lf cross behind Rf, Rf step to right side, Lf Cross over Rf
5-6 Rf rock to right side, recover onto Lf
7&8 Rf cross over Lf, Lf step to left side, Rf cross over Lf 12:00

Step 1/4 turn R, step 1/2 turn R, shuffle foward, Paddle turn, shuffle foward
9-10 1/4 turn right, Lf step back, 1/2 turn right, Rf step forward 9:00
11&12 Shuffle forward (L,R,L)
13-14 Rf step forward, pivot 1/4 turn to left on Rf 6:00
15&16 Shuffle forward (R,L,R)

Rock L foward, sailor 1/4 turn L, rock R foward, coaster step
17-18 Lf Rock forward, recover onto Rf
19&20 Lf Cross over Rf, turn ¼ left to left side Rf step together, Lf step foward
Restart here wall 11 (facing 9:00)
21-22 Rf rock forward, recover onto Lf
23&24 Rf step back, Lf step together, Rf step forward

Tag: End wall 2 and end wall 6 (facing 6:00)
1-4 Sways hips (L, R, L, R)