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King Of The Hill

Down On the Corner

Count:32, Wall:4

Level: Beginner

Choreographer: Peter Metelnick

Music: Down on the Corner by The Mavericks

Counts 1-16 will take you into ALL four corners of the room

1-2, 3&4 Cross rock Right over Left, Rock back on Left, Shuffle right, stepping Right, Left Right

5-6, 7&8 Cross Rock Left over Right, Rock back Right, Shuffle turning half left, stepping Left, Right, Left

9-10, 11&12 Rock forward Right, Rock back on Left, Shuffle turning three quarter right, steppping Right, Lef, Right

13-14, 15&16 Cross Rock Left over Right, Rock back Left, Coaster Step: Back Left turning to square with wall, Back Right, Forward Left

17-20 Walk forward Right, Walk forward Left, Touch Right heel forward, Touch Right toe back

21&22,23-24 Shuffle forward Right, Left, Right, Step forward on Left, turn half turn to Right

25-28 Walk forward Left, walk forward Right, Touch Left heel forward, Touch Left toe back

29-32 Shuffle forward Left, Right, Left Step forward on Right turn half turn to Left