the cactus club


Champagne Promise

Count:32, Wall:4

Level: Beginner

Choreographer: Tina Argyle - March 2017

Music: Champagne Promise by David Nail – Fighter: Album

Count In : 32 counts from main beat (approx 24 secs)

S1: Weave Point. Cross 1/4 Turn Left Shuffle Back
1-2 Cross right over left, step left to left side
3-4 Cross right behind left, Point left to left side angling body slightly to right diagonal
5-6 Cross left over right. Make 1/4 turn left stepping back right (9 o'clock)
7&8 Step back left. Step right at side of left, step back left

S2: Right Rock Back, 1/2 Shuffle Turn, Left Rock Back, 1/2 Shuffle Turn
9-10 Rock back right recover weight forward onto left
11&12 Make 1/2 shuffle turn left stepping RLR (3 o'clock)
13-14 Rock back left recover weight forward onto right
15&16 Make 1/2 shuffle turn right stepping LRL (9 o'clock)

S3: Back, Touch x2 Anchor Rock Back with Toe Touch, Walk Fwd x2 Triple Step Fwd
&17 Step back right to right diagonal, touch left at side of right
&18 Step back left to left diagonal, touch right at side of left
&19-20 Step back right touch left toe forward bending left knee slightly, step down left
21-22 Walk forward right then left *** Tag here during wall 8 – simply add 2 more walks forward ***
23&24 Step forward right, close left at side of right, step forward right

S4: Rock Fwd. ½ Shuffle Turn x2. Sailor 1/8 Turn
25-26 Rock forward left, recover onto right
27&28 Make 1/2 shuffle turn left stepping LRL (3 o'clock)
29@30 Make 1/2 shuffle turn left stepping RLR (9 o'clock)
31&32 Cross left behind right, rock right to right side, recover onto left turning to face left diagonal

Tag during wall 8 – after 22 counts add 2 more walks forward then re start the dance from the beginning facing 12 o'clock.