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Nothing's Gonna Bring Me Down

Count: 48
Wall: 4
Level: Beginner / Intermediate
Choreographer:Ria Vos www.dansenbijria.nl
Music:“Pencil Full Of Lead” Paolo Nutini - Album: Sunny Side Up
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R Point, Hold, R Point Behind, Hold, Side-Together-Side, Hold
1-2 R Point Fwd to Right Diagonal (Option: Swing Arms Right), Hold
3-4 R Point Behind (Option: Swing Arms Left), Hold
5-6 Step R to Right Side (Push Hips Right), Step L Together
7-8 Step R to Right Side (Push Hips Right), Hold

L Point, Hold, L Point Behind, Hold, Side-Together-1/4 Turn Left, Hold
1-2 L Point Fwd to Left Diagonal (Option: Swing Arms Left), Hold
3-4 L Point Behind (Option: Swing Arms Right), Hold
5-6 Step L to Left Side (Push Hips Left), Step R Together
7-8 Turn 1⁄4 Left Stepping Fwd on L, Hold (9:00)

Heel Struts (R&L), Heel Fwd, Hold, Back, Hold
1-2 Step Fwd on R Heel, Drop R Toe to Floor
3-4 Step Fwd on L Heel, Drop L Toe to Floor
5-6 Touch L Heel Fwd (Leaning Upper Body Backwards), Hold
7-8 Step on Ball of R Backwards, Hold

Swivel, Hold, Swivel, Hold, Swivel 1⁄2 Turn Right
1-2 Swivel Both Heels Left, Hold
3-4 Swivel Both Heels Back to Centre, Hold
5-6-7 Swivel Both Heels Left-Right-Left Turning 1⁄2 Turn Right Ending with Weight on L (3:00)
8 Hold

Diagonal R Step-Lock-Step, Scuff, Diagonal L Step-Lock-Step, Hold
1-2 Step R Fwd to Right Diagonal, Lock L Behind R
3-4 Step R Fwd to Right Diagonal, Scuff L Fwd
5-6 Step L Fwd to Left Diagonal, Lock R Behind L
7-8 Step L Fwd to Left Diagonal (Option: “Jump” L Fwd to Left Diagonal with R lifted behind), Hold

Diagonal Kick, Hold, Diagonal Step Backwards, Slide, Behind-Side-Cross, Hold
1-2 Kick R to Left Diagonal, Hold
3-4 Step R Big Step Backwards, Slide L Towards R
5-6 Step L Behind R, Step R to Right Side
7-8 Cross L Over R, Hold (3:00)

Ending: You will end on Count 32 (3:00) “Jump” R Forward with L Foot Lifted Behind, Armes Out Shaking Hands, Angle Body Towards 12:00