the cactus club

Pixie Lott

All About Tonight

Count:32, Wall:4

Level: Beginner

Choreographer: Anne Herd, Australia, (Feb 2014)

Music: All About Tonight by Pixie Lott

Intro: Start on word 'New' Approx. 32 counts

Walk Forward, Rocking Chair, Heel Touches
1-4 Walk forward R L, Rock forward on R, Recover to L
5-8 Rock back on R, Recover to L, Touch R heel forward for two counts

Walk Back, Touch, Step, Hip Sway
9-12 Walk back R L R, Touch L beside R
13-16 Step L to side as you sway hips L R L R

Side Behind, Quarter Turn, Touch, Walk Forward, Kick
17-20 Step L to side, Cross R behind L, Turn 1/4 L, Touch R beside L
21-24 Walk forward stepping R L R, Kick L forward

Walk Back, Touch, Step Heel Touch, Step Heel Touch
25-28 Walk back stepping L R L, Touch R beside L
29-32 Step R to side, Touch L heel on the diagonal, Step L to side, Touch R heel on the diagonal