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*As featured on Boot Scotin' Boogie ...The Nashville Line Dancing Album

Choreography by Redneck Nick

Music Suggestion "Sneaky Moon by Tanya Tucker,{I'll See You In}Cuba by K T Oslin*


1-4 Scuff Right foot next to Left, Cross Step Right foot in front of Left, Scuff Left

foot next to Right, Step Left foot to left side

5-8 Repeat steps 1-4

9-12 Tap Right Heel forward twice, Tap right toe back twice

13-16 Stomp Right foot twice next to Left, Tap Right Heel forward, Stomp Right

foot next to Left

17-20 Grapevine Right ending with 1/2 to right, scooting to left and hitching Left


21-24 Grapevine Left ending with 3/4 turn left, hitching Right knee

25-28 Heel Strut Right, Heel Strut Left

29-32 Heel Strut Right, Heel Strut Left

33-36 Step back Right, Left, Right, Hop on Right and Hitch Left knee

37-40 Step back Left, Right, Left, Step back Right and cross Left foot in front of



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